3 benefits of side by side dual occupancy designs

side by side dual occupancy designs

Multi-dwelling homes come in various shapes and sizes. One popular setup is side by side dual occupancy designs. 

Side by side homes come in two basic layouts. 

One type is where the residents of each dwelling share a common wall. 

The other type is where each dwelling is fully standalone. 

These two types of living arrangements have their advantages and disadvantages. 

Both types of side by side dwellings share one main benefit… 

You can live in or rent one or both of the dwellings. 

This makes side by side dual occupancy a good investment choice

Especially for those looking for an entry-level property development opportunity. 

Similar to a fully detached house 

side by side dual occupancy house plans

A big benefit of a side by side duplex is the amount of space involved. 

You may have noticed that some duplexes are two stories high. 

These homes often allow for 4 or more bedrooms. 

There’s also usually space for a courtyard at the back of each home. 

Maybe even a small outdoor pool or spa. 

Each dwelling will also have it’s own car space or garage. 

This gives each family living inside the duplex a comfortable lifestyle. 

Side by side dwellings also gives each homeowner their own frontage. 

This makes it easier to sell, as a street-facing home has better curb appeal. 

Each side by side dwelling is also allocated with the same amount of land. 

So there’s no confusion about boundaries between each neighbour. 

When you compare side by side dwellings to other multi-dwelling homes… 

Side by side dwellings is similar in nature to a fully detached house. 

Two homes are better than one 

side by side dual living house plan

If it’s within your budget, building a side by side home can be more affordable than building a single house

This is because you’re building two assets within one building project. 

So you’re getting more value for your money. 

You’re adding more value to one piece of land. 

This will increase your potential to create more income. 

Building a single home leaves you with more limited options. 

For example, you can either live in a house or rent it out. 

If you decide to rent your house… 

You have to organise alternative living arrangements for yourself. 

Building a dual occupancy gives you a variety of options to help you make the most out of your investment. 

A side by side property can be more financially rewarding than just building a single home. 

Use for business or personal needs 

More and more people are running a home business. 

A side by side dwelling could help you separate business from personal… 

Depending on your business, you may be able to use one of the two residences as your home office. 

A simple commute next door can dramatically improve your work-from-home life. 

More space for your business would decrease the impact on your family life… 

And would allow you to fully relax when you’re at home. 

Building a side by side dual occupancy can also help you achieve your personal goals. 

Maybe you’re at an age where it’s time to care for extended family. 

This might mean making your parents or grandparents welcome in your home. 

Or giving your children more space and independence as they prepare to leave home. 

A side by side dwelling can help you achieve this, while still making sure everybody has their own space. 

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