3 tips for dual occupancy home designs narrow blocks

Narrow block dual occ house design

So, you’d love to make the most of a block of land you own or want to buy. When looking at dual occupancy home designs narrow blocks… 

Are your construction plans practical? 

Every parcel of land has its own unique layout. 

A corner block has different possibilities compared to a block that has neighbours on three sides. 

And different rules will apply to your block of land depending on your local council. 

There are guidelines to help regulate activity and traffic within your street. 

So how do you know what you can do with your dual occupancy home design? 

Belazzo Homes begin by providing a feasibility report. 

This will show you what you’re able to do on your block of land. 

Some of the criteria for dual occupancy home designs narrow blocks include: 

  • Width of land 
  • Block size 
  • Boundary setback  
  • Property access 
  • Parking spaces 

A Belazzo Homes feasibility report will affirm your plans, or provide alternative options. 

This means you’ll be able to build the dual occupancy home of your dreams… 

While staying inside council rules for your neighbourhood. 

Open plan living creates more space 

dual occupancy home design narrow blocks

Open plan living is the name of the game when it comes to duplex designs for narrow blocks. 

Combining living, kitchen and dining into one, allows you to make the most use of your limited space. 

Fewer walls mean you have the ability to move around freely. 

It also means it’s easier for light to flow through the area. 

You can also build an alfresco area out from an internal room. 

This provides an even greater sense of space. 

And you can spend time in the outdoors during the warmer months of the year. 

When you’re building a dual occupancy home, you don’t want to miss out on any of the features of a standard home. 

Open plan living provides you with all the features you need… 

While also feeling like you’re living in a decent-sized space. 

The “tiny house” movement is influencing the building industry. 

There are lots of new design and space-saving hacks for function and aesthetics. 

Create curb appeal on a narrow block 

dual occupancy house design narrow blocks

The exterior presentation of narrow block house designs has a big impact on their value. 

Whether you’re looking at 12m or 9m narrow block house designs… 

Your home can either have great curb appeal or make a poor impression. 

When designing a dual occupancy home on a narrow block… 

It’s important to think about aesthetics. 

You want the facade to have some style and grace. 

There’s a couple of things to keep in mind for the frontage of your home. 

Each of the dual occupants wants to have their own entrance. 

The residents of each dwelling don’t want to feel like they are in each other’s space. 

Arriving and departing from the dwelling should feel easy. 

Private access through separate side entrances can make a big difference. 

If the dwellings are on a corner block, this can provide the ultimate sense of privacy. 

Each resident can access their home, without having contact with the neighbour. 

Don’t build more rooms than you need 

Space is everything when you’re designing a dual occupancy home. 

That means it’s important not to be wasteful with space. 

If you’re going to only a room once in awhile it might be impractical to build in the first place. 

How many bedrooms do you want vs need? 

You can save a lot of money by only building what’s necessary. 

Always keep in mind you can use some rooms can for multiple purposes. 

A kitchen can include an office nook. 

And a living space can double as a guest room. 

Being smart with your space can save you money in the long run… 

While still allowing you to enjoy an amazing lifestyle. 

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