Duplex vs dual occupancy homes.. Whats the difference?

duplex vs dual occupancy home designs

So you’ve heard about duplex vs dual occupancy homes… 

But you’re scratching your head about what the difference actually is. 

Duplex vs dual occupancy home designs can look similar in appearance. 

And you may sometimes see people refer to one as the other. 

This makes it complicated at first, but the difference is actually quite simple. 

What it comes down to is this… 

The land title is the biggest difference between each of these properties.  

Read on to learn more about the difference between duplex vs dual occupancy homes…  

Why choose a duplex vs dual occupancy home? …let’s start with Dual occ homes! 

The distinguishing feature of a dual occupancy home is that it must be under a single land title. 

A dual occupancy home also allows a bit more leniency for minimum lot size compared to a duplex. 

This makes a big difference when comparing a duplex price list to a dual occupancy price list. 

A duplex building cost calculator will typically be more costly than dual occupancy. 

On the flip side, a dual occupancy construction project also comes with its own set of challenges… 

You have to fit all the home features you want into a smaller land size, as well as the floor space of the property. 

The space limitation also means you’ll have to find ways to create more privacy for each resident. 

That being said, a dual occupancy design gives you more benefits than other situations… 

Such as then if you were to build a secondary dwelling, like a granny flat. 

This is because even though a dual occupancy has a single land title… 

There’s no restriction with renting out your second dual occupancy home. 

The rent you can get from a dual occupancy is also much higher than if you were to sublet a granny flat. 

Subdividing a dual occupancy is also possible, but only if you meet certain criteria. 

You may consider a subdividing if you want to make it easier to sell dual occupancy homes. 

Now let’s look at what is a duplex home? 

A duplex is a single building divided into two separate dwellings, under one roof. 

The key difference between a duplex and a dual occupancy is land title flexibility. 

With a duplex, the land title can be under one land title. So you sell the homes together. 

A duplex can also be set up under two land titles. Which means you sell the homes separately. 

A duplex home requires a certain size block. 

It must also be a wide piece of land or have dual frontage, such as a corner block. 

The land requirements are of a higher standard than a dual occupancy, so the price of buying land is higher. 

Because of the larger land and home design, this means a duplex will also get a better rental income. 


The rules that govern property types differ for each state and local council. 

It can be easy to get confused about what classifies as a duplex or dual occupancy. 

The home design can be similar or different between duplex and dual occupancy. 

It’s the legally permissible land title that counts when defining the property type. 

If you’re thinking of building a multi-dwelling property on a single block of land… 

Be sure to do your research about the options available to you. 

You’ll generally need more time and money to build a duplex. 

Whereas a dual occupancy is more cost-effective, but has more limited options

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