What is A Dual Occupancy Home?

Dual occupancy house

Dual occupancy homes provide a great opportunity for investment and revenue-generation. With many uses and benefits, they have become an increasingly popular investment strategy providing nearly double the income on a single plot of land. Let’s start by exploring exactly what is a dual occupancy home.

What is considered a dual occupancy home?

This home has been subdivided strategically to allow for two separate dwellings. It may be extended to add on additional rooms, bathrooms, and a kitchen for the purpose of allowing a dual living setup.

The property will house two dwellings, attached or unattached. Think of houses with granny flats or student accommodation that may or may not have access to the main house and are usually situated on the side or behind the main property.

Layout Options

  • A subdivided home with two ‘sections’ that are under the same roof. The homes have separate entrances and their own kitchens and bathrooms, much like a duplex. The two units are independent of each other and may be next to each other or one above the other.
  • A property with an adjoining granny flat fitted with its own kitchenette and bathroom.
  • A stand-alone property with a separate dwelling aside or behind it. These are usually smaller than the main house and have their own bathroom, kitchenette and living area. Ideal for student accommodation or aging parents.
What is a dual occupancy home

Why Choose This Occupancy Model?

This type of living arrangement appeals to many individuals and has a number of advantages.


As a landlord, dual living properties provide an opportunity to increase monthly revenue. Subdividing an existing property and making it fit for dual living will maximise potential returns.

Although an injection of capital is required to follow through with the process, the result is inevitably rewarding. Depending on the size of the lot and layout of the main property the landlord will have to choose the most appropriate renovations and additions.

Two income streams generated by this type of property arrangement is a great way for investors to improve on their return.


For students looking for the safety and affordability of a smaller dwelling that provides all necessities, dual occupancy living is ideal.

The smaller dwelling is often more affordable and suited to those with a lower income. Ideal for students and young professionals who are new to the working world and still ‘finding their feet’, the arrangement offers the opportunity of a private residence at a lower cost.

Families with older children wanting their own space and independence find this living arrangement ideal too. They are able to live on the same property while still receiving the security, comfort and convenience of being close to home. 

Rental Income

Dual occupancy houses are also ideal for those with large homes and extra space. By subdividing the home, they can live in one section and rent out the other. This is a great way to subsidize one’s mortgage with the income generated from rent.


Families with aging parents that are not fit to live on their own find this setup a suitable alternative to an old age home. They are able to keep their loved ones close by while still maintaining their privacy.

Whether the additional dwelling is attached to the main property or freestanding, keeping one’s elderly relatives on the same property has many advantages. Elderly parents are secure, comfortable, and within arm’s reach of assistance, should they need it.

Dual Key Homes

While the two terms are sometimes confused, a dual key home is slightly different from what we have just been discussing. Dual key homes are those that provide separate lockable access within the main property.

As a property with a self-contained studio that can be accessed by a door within the property dual key homes can be looked at as another way of achieving dual living. They often share a common hallway but have separate doors to each home.

What is a Dual Occupancy Home: Tips for Investors

When it comes to property investment dual homes in this setup are the crème de la crème. It’s important to know and understand the finer details when considering converting a property to make the most of the available space and capital.

  1. What is a dual occupancy house? Think two dwellings on one property sharing one title.
  2. When considering dual occupancy house plans, remember that homes in a duplex arrangement fetch a higher rent than a smaller granny flat-style dwelling.
  3. A ‘dual occupancy subdivision’ sees the main dwelling subdivided to create two dwellings. These often achieve property value increases up to twice the original value, making them the most profitable occupancy model.
  4. Approval of division plans can increase a property’s value by up to 40%.
  5. While the property setup is profitable no matter which way you look at it, it can be more cost effective to construct the second dwelling attached or within, instead of separate standalone property. A separate property requires separate building plans and incurs higher costs.
  6. Although under one building, title occupants can be provided with separate utility bills.

What to Consider When Constructing This Type of Home

  • Parking space
  • Size of the lot
  • Privacy
  • Lay of the land – slope, vegetation etc.
  • Available capital

What is a dual occupancy home? A great way to utilize space effectively to generate a rewarding investment. As an investor or potential dual occupancy homeowner, it is pertinent to stay abreast of council regulations and restrictions in your city.

Make sure that your building plans are within limits and that you have evaluated the overall cost against available capital. Once building plans are in place it is merely a matter of time before the investment begins to pay off.

Dual Living for the Smart Homeowner

As a relatively new investment model, these types of homes have certainly made their impact on the property investment world. Considering the benefits, they’re a great way to achieve a fruitful investment if pre-evaluated and researched for the optimal pay-off.

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